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Image by Geoffrey Baumbach
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Image by Geoffrey Baumbach

Your journey on the road to wellness

starts here.

We are here to equip and empower you with powerful, natural health concepts that create and promote complete health and wellness physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally. 

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Why Naturopathy?

You will be the benefactor of years of study and research. Dr. Walker's degrees and certifications will serve you well as she introduces you to your own personalized course of action on your road to restored health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Improve your health...

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Get the guidance you've been seeking to keep your body healthy through nutritional eating & movement.

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Whether it stems from emotions, or a physical imbalance, naturopathy can help you feel balanced again.



You have a significant & unique purpose in this life. We'll work together to discover what that looks like.  


Dr. Japonica has been my holistic wellness practitioner since 2016. Our journey has been profoundly beneficial to my health and the overall total wellness of my mind, body, and spirit. She has been a major part of my wellness team in helping me to face the realities of taking responsibility for my health

versus putting my health in the hands and the control of others. She helped me to put in simple lifestyle habits to help increase my quality of life. She helped me understand how my sleep, nutrition, thoughts, emotions, hydration, salts, carbohydrates, and exercise could be used to reverse chronic diseases.

                              - B. Wolfskill

Thank you, Dr. Japonica, for helping me to recover my health through the valuable natural tools! My life has been changed since we started working together on my health.


                        - B. Washington

We currently provide your choice of virtual or in-person sessions




In these sessions, we will talk about health from a whole-person perspective and the benefits of traditional naturopathy.  A plan will be cultivated as we discuss your present health and the place to which you would like to see your health evolve.

Follow-Up Appointments

We will examine the progress you have made since your last appointment. The plan will adjust as you grow. Once you have mastered certain aspects, we can add more helpful elements to your journey.  



This session will uncover a wealth of information from your body as we do a biocommunication scan. This test will reveal what your body is needing and craving. The Zyto Analysis is crucial in interpreting the best course of action for you personally.  

Integrative Nutritional Planning

Everybody has a different body and we will determine the right eating plan for you! We've all tried to navigate fad diets - some work for a while, some don't. Stop fighting what your body needs and start eating right - for you!